White dolomite marble consists of carbonate composition containing calcium and magnesium. It is considered the most precious stone of Turkey and is mined on the Marmara Island of Balıkesir. It stands out among white natural stones due to its fine crystalline and tight base structure. Among the dolomite marble varieties with different colours, white colour is the most demanded and these stones are preferred in indoor and outdoor projects. Dolomite marble, which has a wide range of uses from industry to decoration and produced in different sizes, has also been used for decorative and landscape purposes, especially in recent years.

Glacier marble is a kind of white marble quarried in Turkey. This stone is especially good for ornamental stone, interior, exterior, wall, floor and other design projects. It is also called ” Glacier White MarbleWhite Marble PearlGlacier Classic Marble ”.

Glacier marble is available in honed and polished. The marble has a white background with small gray veins. Marble is a hard, uniform stone available in a variety of surfaces such as honed marble, polished marble, tumbled marble and split face. Large format tiles and slabs make this marble almost unlimited. Glacier marble is a metamorphic stone with a timeless and legendary past as flooring, wall cladding, cladding and sculptural media. Dolamite stone has brought visuals with its appearances in many areas such as shopping malls, business centres, cafes, restaurants, parks and gardens. Dolomite stones are natural stones. Among the dolomite stone types with different colours, white ones are mostly preferred, while these stones are preferred in indoor and outdoor projects.

Glacier marble precisely cut dimensions and shapes, finely sharpened matte surface adds beauty, peace and originality to both residential and commercial applications. Inspiration leads to a portfolio of floor, wall and countertop tiles perfectly coordinated to create the living or working environment you desire. Glacier marble can be used on walls as well as floors, apart from moldings for non-floor applications.

White dolomite is also used as a usage area in interior flooring, business centers, villa projects and boutique projects with special designs. White dolomite stone is also used in luxury hotels. It is preferred in the bathrooms of 7-star hotels. However, it is recommended to be used with white cement preservative. Due to its white tones structure, extra attention should be paid to its cleaning. In general areas of use, a liquid of different colors to be poured on it, if it is not cleaned quickly, the liquid may penetrate into the stone and cause the appearance of deterioration in the long term.

Marmara dolomite is generally used as flooring in large areas or in boutique projects. Since there is no vein structure in extra white selections with high white density, the order of the parts is not important in the application areas. It is important to follow veins in white dolomite marble floors with gray vein structure. Another alternative is to make cross flooring and add naturalness to the area. Bianco marble, which is also preferred by architectural offices for luxury projects, can be combined with other marble types. White dolomite is a stone with gray patterns on a white-toned background. All kinds of interior and exterior floor and wall coverings, windowsill and stairs applications.

Marmara dolomite is another of our local white marble products. It is an inexpensive product that we frequently use in large areas of hotels and shopping malls. Its light color makes its usage areas quite wide.

Dolomite rocks, which have very high reserves in our country, are mostly preferred for indoor and outdoor flooring and wall covering applications and for monuments, countertops, mosaics, fountains, steps, etc. As a result of high demand and limited supply of white marble and its derivatives; Dolomite slabs find buyers at very high prices like other white marble varieties. The most important feature that distinguishes dolomite rocks from marble; This is because they contain magnesium instead of calcium. The amount of magnesium they contain determines the quality of dolomite rocks. Dolomites with a MgO content of 20% and above are graded as high quality.

White dolomite marble extracted in the Marmara region can be considered as one of the most valuable natural stones in Turkey. This marble type, which is used in the domestic market, is also exported. This marble type is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is among the valuable marbles due to its high magnesium content. Therefore, it can be counted in the high-priced marble group. However, White dolomite marble is still a preferred product thanks to its long life and elegant appearance. It can be used in floor and wall covering, as well as in large spaces with its bright white appearance. Other areas of use include fountains, monuments, and even landscape applications. White dolomite is one of the marble types preferred in special decorative interior applications such as fireplaces and columns.

The mineral has versatile properties; therefore, it is used in many industrial sectors. It is in demand in the metallurgy industry and construction due to its physical properties. Dolomite used for facade cladding does not need special care because it is resistant to climatic changes and has high wear resistance. In addition, dolomite is a mineral used in the preparation of ornaments and jewelery. Earrings, necklaces and beads of different colors are made. There are also those who believe that this stone combines some magical properties in itself. Marmara dolomite is a valuable coating material designed for the design of building facades, steps and interior decoration. Ease of processing allows us to produce architectural products of various shapes and configurations for the arrangement and interior decoration of homes and gardens. It is a milky-white marble that comes out of the Marmara marble blocks in very small amounts.